• Selection of an ISO:14001 certified supplier for the purchase of environmentally friendly office supplies
  • Purchase of fair-trade organic coffee
  • Selection of an ISO:14001-certified cleaning company


  • Selective collection and disposal of all waste (including organic waste) in separate waste bins in the kitchen, with clear signage, and in separate waste bins next to the offices
  • Reduction of paper consumption by printing double-sided by default and using only one central printer and 100% recycled paper using fibres from sustainably managed forests (Ecolabel).
  • Reduction of ink consumption by printing in black and white by default and using an environmentally friendly font (Century Gothic)


  • Display reminding people who leave the office to turn off lights, their computer and monitor
  • Energy-saving cooling system for the computer room by means semi-natural intensive ventilation (mechanical night-cooling)
  • Installation of LED lights in meeting rooms and service rooms (kitchen, photocopier room, storeroom)
  • Zoning of artificial lighting and installation of presence detectors in low-traffic areas (photocopier room, kitchen, storeroom)
  • Use of 100% green electricity (wind power) through a local citizens’ cooperative


  • Office located 100 m from an SNCB (Belgian Rail) station to facilitate commuting by train
  • Bonus paid for commuting to and from work by bicycle
  • Subscription to a shared car solution with a station 150 m from the office
  • Reimbursement of public transport passes


  • Creation of a CSR workgroup composed of employees who are responsible for implementing CSR actions
  • Implementation of a CSR continuous improvement process and reminder of CSR actions for the staff at each monthly team meeting
  • Employee representation on the Board of Directors
  • Possibility for staff to take part in the company’s shareholding
  • Account opened with TRIODOS, an ethical and sustainable bank that finances companies and projects with a positive effect on culture, society and the environment.