Bracops - construction d’une nouvelle polyclinique et d’un bloc médico-technique

Hôpital Joseph Bracops

Hôpital Joseph Bracops
MO Hôpitaux Iris Sud (HIS)
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About us

MATRIciel by Oteis is a sustainable building engineering firm created in 2005 by researchers from the Architecture and Climate research unit of the Catholic University of Louvain to put academic tools at the service of the building sector. The ambition was, and still is, to develop all the dimensions of Sustainable Development in a pragmatic and realistic manner.

MATRIciel by Oteis thus aims to limit the environmental impact of buildings while maximizing the comfort, health and well-being of the occupants, by decoupling resource use and greenhouse gas emissions from real estate growth.

We refuse to believe that every problem has a “high-tech” solution and are instead adopting an approach based on bioclimaticism and the circular economy to help project developers design places that are frugal in energy, materials and technicality, from the scale of the building to that of the territory.


Our knowhow was born in a university research unit and we now put the academic tools at the service of the building sector