Our team

Arnaud Bertrand


Isabelle BRuyère - Adjointe à la Direction Responsable du pôle ENERGIE - Responsable de projets - Assesseur BREEAM
Isabelle Bruyère

Executive assistant
Head of the Energy Division
BREEAM assessor

Sébastien B
Sébastien Breels

Head of the Environment Division
BREEAM assessor

Quentin Rémy - Responsable de projets
Quentin Remy

Head of the Special Techniques Division

Carolina Belmar - Assistante deprojet
Carolina Belmar

Assistante de projet

Baptisite Bodart - Assistant de projet
Baptiste Bodart

Assistant de projet

Eloïse Cravau - Ingénieur de projets
Eloïse Cravau

Project Manager

Frédéric DASNOIS - Ingénieur de projets
Frédéric Dasnois

Project Manager

Fabrice Derny - Ingénieur de projets
Fabrice Derny

Project Manager

Aurélie Deschuyteneer - Ingénieur de projets
Aurélie Deschuyteneer

Project Manager

Christophe Dumont - Référent PEB
Christophe Dumont

BEP consultant

Catherine Fabry

Administrative management
Trade and communication

Xavier FELLER - Ingénieur de projets
Xavier Feller

Project Manager

Mark Ghazal

Project assistant – BIM modeller

Adèle Kint
Adèle KINT

Project assistant

Grégoire MALCHAIR - Assistant de projet
Grégoire Malchair

Project assistant

Olivier Marcin - Responsable de projets

Project Manager

Ivan Ottaviani - Responsable de projets
Ivan Ottaviani

Project Manager

Hajar Serrhini Naji - Ingénieur de projet
Hajar Serrhini Naji

Ingénieur de projet

Brigitte Valcke - Responsable administrative Comptabilité et Ressources humaines
Brigitte Valcke

Administrative management
Accounting and Human resources


❑ Responsiveness

A response time is communicated to customers within 48 hours of receipt of a request.

❑ Compliance with commitments

The employee in charge of handling a customer’s request is committed to complying with the commitments given.

❑ Continuity of service

If a key employee is absent, customers can rest assured that the service will be continued.

❑ Continuous and proactive guidance and support

Proactive guidance and support is put in place throughout the project to help all parties see the project through.

❑ Sustainable and contextualized solutions

Sustainable and contextualized solutions are designed to meet the needs of clients.

❑ Continuous improvement process

The degree of satisfaction of partners and customers is measured so as improve to the quality of services continuously

❑ Post-project service

MATRIciel assumes responsibility after the end of each project.

❑ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A corporate social responsibility approach is implemented and monitored in the company.

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