Our team

André de Herde

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Arnaud Bertrand

Managing Director

Isabelle Bruyère

Executive assistant
Project manager
BREEAM assessor

Sébastien B
Sébastien Breels

Head of the Environment Division
Project manager
BREEAM assessor

Fabrice Derny

Head of the Energy Division
Project Manager

Rémy Mulliez

Head of the Special Techniques Division
Project Manager

Arnaud Br
Arnaud Bricteux

Project Manager

Elise Capelle - Ingénieur de projets
Elise Capelle

Project Manager

Frédéric DASNOIS - Ingénieur de projets
Frédéric Dasnois

Project Manager

Aurélie Deschuyteneer - Ingénieur de projets
Aurélie Deschuyteneer

Project Manager

Christophe Dumont

BEP consultant

Catherine Fabry

Administrative management
Trade and communication

Mark Ghazal

Project assistant – BIM modeller

Benoît Honnay

Project Manager

Adèle Kint
Adèle KINT

Project assistant

Grégoire MALCHAIR - Assistant de projet
Grégoire Malchair

Project assistant

Ivan Ottaviani
Ivan Ottaviani

Project Manager

Sébastien POUPPEZ
Sébastien Pouppez

Project Manager

Quentin Remy

Project Manager

Jules Tardy - Assistant de projets
Jules Tardy

Project assistant

Brigitte Valcke

Administrative management
Accounting and Human resources


❑ Responsiveness

A response time is communicated to customers within 48 hours of receipt of a request.

❑ Compliance with commitments

The employee in charge of handling a customer’s request is committed to complying with the commitments given.

❑ Continuity of service

If a key employee is absent, customers can rest assured that the service will be continued.

❑ Continuous and proactive guidance and support

Proactive guidance and support is put in place throughout the project to help all parties see the project through.

❑ Sustainable and contextualized solutions

Sustainable and contextualized solutions are designed to meet the needs of clients.

❑ Continuous improvement process

The degree of satisfaction of partners and customers is measured so as improve to the quality of services continuously

❑ Post-project service

MATRIciel assumes responsibility after the end of each project.

❑ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A corporate social responsibility approach is implemented and monitored in the company.

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